Catholic Vicariate of Francistown - Botswana
PMS Francistown - Ctholic Vicariate of Francistown
PMS Francistown
This is the main road in the North of Botswana,
cutting through the wilderness still thirsting
for Christ.

The distant thunderstorm
is a sign of blessing, sending Pula (rain), bringing life to the dry desert.

May God bless us with a lot of Pula, ... and some of that water will be used for Baptism ...

And then, the desert will rejoice like never bofore...

This road has many potholes but is being prepared and made smooth ... and perhaps the prophesy of Isaiah will be fulfilled here as well ...
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Welcome to the portal of the PMS Francistown - Pontifical Mission Societies - in the Catholic Vicariate of Francistown, Botswana.

Botswana is still a mission territory with only about 4.5% Catholic population in the whole country. In the Catholic Vicariate of Francistown the percentage is much smaller, and in the northern parts of the Vicariate less than 0.5% of the population is Catholic.

Nevertheless, we, in the Catholic Vicariate of Francistown, are part of the Universal Church and we want to participate in the great missionary responsibility of the Church. Our website, PMS Francistown, is a tool to improve this participation.

Over the years we have been receiving a lot of support from the PMS. It is time for us to give something back, and to contribute.

We still need the PMS support, but we are aware that there are others who need help as well, often more than we, and we want to share the little we have. PMS Francistown wants to help the missionary heart of the Church to beat stronger.
PMS Francistown